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21 Jun, 2010

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Historic racing for all ages

Historic racing for all ages

This weekend Tony attended Velodromloppet at Gelleråsbanan in Karlskoga and it was almost to the day 60 years ago the premiere edition of the race was run. A great starting field with over 220 cars in 11 classes guaranteed close and exciting racing. Just as popular as the races is to walk around in the paddock and look at all the treasures that are probably in as good or even better condition than during the latter contest period. The oldest car was from 1929 but the bulk came from the Swedish motorsport golden days in the 1950s and 60s, a period which also coincided with the  golden era of the circuit. Gelleråsen had a long que of superstars who wanted to compete in Karlskoga. Fangio, Moss, Hill, Stewart and Brabham are just some of the Formula 1 stars who competed against the swedish pride drivers as Bonnier, Wisell and Peterson.

Historic racing has become very popular in recent years and not only the cars are from that time but also many of the contemporary drivers have dusted of the helmets and are now participating.

“ I had the  privilege to compete against Sterling Moss when I made my debut at the historic Goodwood two years ago” says Tony.

If you are interested to experience the Mille Miglia, Intercoppa, Goodwood Revival, or any of our Swedish classics in an unforgettable way, please contact us for more information.

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