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17 Feb, 2010

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What next for Kimi?

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen

It was not without some hopes of success that we followed Kimi Räikkönen in Rally Sweden but unfortunately a big off and a couple of spins destroyed all his chances. One thing is for sure and that is to be a world class rally driver you have to do more than a handful of local rallies and some private testing. I am sure that we will see some more competitive outings from Kimi later in the season.

One thing he said after the rally was that he learned a lot and if he comes back next year he will stand a better chance. The statement in itself is maybe correct but I am quite sure that Kimi will be back in Formula One next year, so that is a progress we probably will never see.

Next up for me will be a trip to Italy to finalize some of our plans for the season, keep You posted…

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