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4 Sep, 2009

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The Midnight Sun Rally 2009

The Midnight Sun Rally 2009

Our best result so far despite a late car change
As always I was looking forward to one the highlights of the season, and this year also because I was going to drive a real icon from the SAAB stable, the Monte Carlo from 1964. You can imagine my disappointment when I had a call from the chief mechanic just the day before the start of the Rally, and the message was that the engine had broken down during the last shake down.

After a hectic night and with good help from the organizers, SAAB managed to find another car that we could use. So instead of the 1964 car we started the Rally with a SAAB 99 EMS from 1975. I have to admit that this was probably a much better car suited for this event and the proof came already at the first special stage at ELMIA in Jönköping where I posted one of the best times, even if I saw the car just an hour before the start. Also in Karlstad and not least for the super special in my hometown Karlskoga we showed that this was a car that had huge potential like in the good old days.

In the end we finished in ninth position which was far better than we had expected, so I think we should be happy even if I still mourn that I missed the opportunity to drive the SAAB 96 Monte Carlo, hopefully that chance will come back next year.

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