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4 Sep, 2009

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DMV Tourenwagen Challenge, round 4

Nürburgring 26 July 2009

The best race for a long time! Tony shines in front of a record crowd at Nürburgring. It is always stimulating to race when the grandstands are packed, and that really was the case when we raced together with the Truck Racing Grand Prix at Nürburgring. No less than 100.000 spectators cheered on when Tony messed up the start and had to make some real hara-kiri maneuvers to get back in contention for the race win. The biggest hurdle was young hot shot Jürg Aeberhard and after a thorough lesson in proper and fair overtaking with both cars going side by side for almost a lap, age and experience won.
Because of all hassle in the beginning the distance to Jürgen Benders Porsche was to big and Tony had to settle for second but after a very memorable race. Torbjörn Ekstrand also did a steady race but struggled a little bit with traffic and finished fourth.

Next race in the DMV Tourenwagen Challenge will be at Dijon in France 4-5 September.

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