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8 Oct, 2008

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Hungary, points despite problems

It was with high hopes we came to Hungaroring even if it was my first visit to the circuit. The reason for our positive approach was that the results has improved steadily the last couple of races and I felt quite competitive and eager to race after the summer break. Unfortunately the weekend was a big disappointment and the only thing I could do in the end was to save some points with a tenth place after starting in position thirteen.

The first test session started good and I was directly within top ten even if I never had seen the track before so to the second free practice we decided to experiment a little. Quickly we could see that we were going in the wrong direction and lost valuable time to basically start from zero again.

For the first qualifying session we got the car reasonably good again and I posted a good time even if the starting position was bad in the very tight and competitive field. For the second qualifier we changed some small things and again was in deep trouble without really understanding the reason. Race one was not so very exciting and I only managed to advance one place with a car that was way to slow. For the second race we took a gamble and changed a lot which led to a much better car but only for a few laps, after lap five and to the end it was a real struggle to turn the car that had massive understeer and after running eight in the middle of the race the best I could do was to save tenth position.

All in all the weekend was a huge disappointment and the only we can do is to look forward to next race at good old Nürburgring where we at least know what settings we should use for our cars.

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